Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to request my survey or engineering project?
Please plan to request your project several weeks before you would like the field work to begin. Depending on LRSC's current workload, type of services, and permitting involved, it may take a few weeks to six months to complete. To accommodate your schedule, as much lead time as possible is appreciated.

What is the typical turn around time?
Different types of projects require different time frames. Planning well in advance is advised. Project times are variable based on the current LRSC workload, size of your property, detail and location of the project, and types of state and local permitting required. When dealing with regulators it is hard to give an accurate estimate of the time because of the review process. Rush orders may be accomodated for some types of projects and situations. Please call the LRSC office to discuss.

What factors is the price quote based on?
Each cost estimate is based on many factors. Size, location and terrain of the property, as well as the type of services, complexity of the record search, and required permitting are just some of the factors that are taken into account when quoting a price.

Are there other options to locate property boundaries besides a full boundary survey?
Yes, there are additional options to locate property boundaries. One option is to conduct a reconnaissance survey to locate and/or flag property boundaries. This survey would not be recorded in the Town Land Records although it is an early part of a full boundary survey. Please call the LRSC office to discuss the options for your individual survey needs.

Can other financial arrangements be made outside of those outlined in my proposal?
Additional financial arrangements can be made if necessary. LRSC respects the needs of their clients and will work with them to provide a payment plan that benefits both parties. Please contact the LRSC office to discuss.

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